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Chris Brooking
2004-08-09, 02:58
The power-on issue has been raised before, and Sean agreed that the SB
itself would be capable of sending a WOL packet. I guess it's just
never been implemented.



From: max barker [mailto:max.adamiec (AT) vworp (DOT) eclipse.co.uk]
Sent: 09 August 2004 10:44
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Subject: [slim] Power Off/On of serer

I can think of one, not slimserver native, way of doing this using xAP.
It's a bit long winded to set up and would probably only work on windows
machines with the .NET framework installed.

You would need:-

xAP slimserver connector

xAP Watcher (on server pc)

xAP Ping2 (not on server pc)(might need tweaking for wake on LAN)

something to apply logic (homeseer or misterhouse, something like that)

To shut down

Basically, you would rename a button in the slimserver IR files, which
would send out a unique xAP message when triggered. This message would
be picked up and responded to by homeseer/misterhouse/logic thingy which
would send out a pc shutdown message. xAP Watcher (on your server pc)
would pick up this message and shut the pc down.

To power on

Bit more complex this one, you'd need a pc always on to receive and send
xAP messages and your server pc would need to be Wake On LAN capable.
xAP Ping2 might need a mod to do the WOL magic.

Same as before, rename a button in slimserver IR files, let
homeseer/misterhouse/logic thingy respond, xAP Ping2 sends out wake on
LAN signal. PC wakes up :-)

More information on xAP at www.xapautomation.org (the wiki is packed
full of useful information)

Yahoo discussion group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/xap_automation/
where the developers hang out.


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Subject: [slim] Power Off/On of serer

It would be a great feature of Slim device if it could power off
and on the music server from the remote control and squeezebox. I tend
to leave the computer running all day primarily because of a desire to
access music on the squeezebox quickly, but if I could power off & on
the computer at the squeezebox I would probably have it on less often.
Does anyone know of a way to do this.