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2004-08-08, 17:53
My thoughts exactly... You would have to give the server some serious
permissions to let it completely shut the server down... I wouldn't want
that and doubt that most other users would either.

You could build a very inexpensive low power computer to use as a server
that would probably use less power if you left it on 24/7 than a 60 watt
light bulb.

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> It would be a great feature of Slim device if it could power off and
> on the music server from the remote control and squeezebox. I tend to
> leave the computer running all day primarily because of a desire to
> access music on the squeezebox quickly, but if I could power off & on
> the computer at the squeezebox I would probably have it on less often.
> Does anyone know of a way to do this.

Not likely, it would have some nasty security potential. If you want to
consume less power, you should put your server on a low-power computer (say,
Mini-ITX) and configure it to spin the drives down to sleep when they're not
being used.
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