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Christopher May
2004-08-08, 16:10
I like Boston's line of speakers.... Their little speakers for a micro
home theater really blew me away. I thought I was listening to some big
Tannoys that were beside them....

Boston also has a new home theater setup, some cool speakers and an av
reciever... Brand new product.


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Hi all,

I've seen the Edirol MA-10A speakers recommended for use with a SB or
SliMP3, and I'm ready to expand my music setup, so...

Anyone who's bought them care to share whether you'd buy them again? Is
the bass full enough? I'm concerned about their small size. I'm not a
audiophile by any definition, but I've certainly noticed the poor
quality of bookshelf speakers that I've tried to use in this room

The room in question is a narrow living/dining room, about 15 feet wide
and 35 feet long; I'd put my SliMP3 and the Edirols on the mantel piece
at one end.

Currently the sound in that room is provided by two big old Bose
speakers powered from my antique Marantz SR-6000; they're too bass-heavy
because my wife thinks they're ugly and puts them behind furniture :)

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