View Full Version : anti virus software affecting SB3 performance??

2010-02-03, 15:43
I had a problem using the remote on my SB3 at the weekend - when scrolling through the Artist list I could scroll down about 20 Artists then the screen would lock up. After about a minute the screen would return to the previous screen. I could then scroll down another 20 or so Artists before the same thing happened. All the time during this the player was playing music perfectly with no problems. I tried unplugging the unit then changing the remote batteries, all to no avail. I then remembered that the only change that I had made to the SB3 (wired) and PC set up was the installation of some new anti virus software ("Rapport") I uninstalled this, rebooted the PC then hey presto! the SB3 was back to its best.
My question is, can a PC's performance, including wayward anti virus softeware etc. affect the SB3's performance in such a way?

2010-02-04, 03:56
Anti-virus products, particularly those with "on access scanning" features can definitely affect the performance of the software used to run the SB3 on a local server.

The most normal problems are with the anti-virus stopping scans from completing, but your problem sounds a bit different. However, if uninstalling Rapport fixed the problem, and you want to reinstall it, you need to look at how to configure it (Rapport) to ignore the Squeezecenter processes (which may include ignoring Mysql and/or *.myi and *.myd files).