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2010-02-03, 01:15

I plan to buy a squeezebox duet and so I collect as many information as possible about this products and possibilites.

I found release notes for new SqueezecenterServer versions (like 7.4.2, ect.) but are there any information about new firmware upgrades?
Background: There are mony problems mentioned in the forum and it would be interessting to know which of these problems are fixed with firmware upgrades.

The bug page at bugzilla is only for SqueezecenterServer and not for firmware things or am I wrong?

Thanks a lot!

2010-02-03, 01:23
The release notes include the firmware changes, and what they fix / change, for example:-

Version 7.4.0 - 2009-09-28

Firmware updates:
Boom - Version 50
Squeezebox 2/3 - Version 130
Transporter - Version 80
Receiver - Version 65
#4834 - (Transporter) After switching to digital input device will not play music without a complete reset (3rd time's the charm?)
#11078 - Wired-only Classics can flood the network with broadcast packets
Allow players in a sync group to move between servers while remaining in the same sync group.

The file format scanning modules have been completely rewritten in C as a standalone module with comprehensive unit tests.
This reduces memory usage, improves scanning speed, and fixes many bugs.
Seeking in WMA files is now supported.
Seeking in VBR MP3 files is now more accurate.

System integration:
New Control Panel for Windows, Console for Windows Home Server and Preference Pane for OSX as a shortcut to common activities

Preset Changes:
Boom/IR presets are no longer associated with Favorites, and each player now has a separate preset list.
When upgrading, any presets set within Favorites will be migrated to every player.
Presets are now synced with mysqueezebox.com (Favorites are still not synced).
Presets can no longer be set via the 'favorites add' command.
For more information, please see bug #13248.

Resource Usage:
Several features of Squeezebox Server can be disabled to reduce memory usage. The following command-line flags are available:
--noweb - Disable web interface.
--notranscoding - Disable support for transcoding.
--nosb1slimp3sync - Disable support for SliMP3 & SB1 players and associated syncing.
--noinfolog - Disable INFO-level logging.
--nodebuglog - Disable DEBUG-level logging.

Bug Fixes:
#2611 - Add option to ignore some of iTunes playlists like eg. Videos, Purchased etc.
#3592 - Add ability to name Squeezebox Server
#7320 - Pressing Play from Web Page does not clear cache
When paused and connected to a remote stream of unknown duration, stop when buffer fills.
#8246 - Different behaviour with browsing shortcuts in Music Folder
#8434 - MP4 -> FLAC conversion - big endian vs. little endian
#8563 - Scanner reads incorrect sample rate on 88.2kHz MP4 files
#9351 - Players unpause randomly
#9673 - Poor recovery from empty stream
#9713 - WMA files cannot FWD / RWD
#9752 - fade_volume doesn't always call callbacks at end of fade
#10026 - PCM != WAV
Add (restore) WAV seek capability
#10199 - Most transcoding doesn't work with non-ascii-characters in filename
#10278 - exit search jumps back to home menu
#10320 - Time command should remain paused if paused
#10443 - Failure to resume song on connection recovery after short network disruption
#10645 - Improve pausing on remote sources that support seeking
#10660 - Allow Squeezebox Server to downsample WAV using SoX
#10731 - WAV convert to LAME (MP3) fails
#10814 - Transcoding Framework only replaces variable once (need global replace)
#10841 - SC reverts to last stream played if ShoutCast server reached max. # listeners
#11099 - Now playing remote stream shows duration bar initially
#11285 - Allow Squeezebox Server to downsample AIF using SoX
#11447 - Clearing the current playlist does not clear the current index of the playlist
#11652 - Previous alarm goes off on Boom even though it was changed (Manoj Kasichainula)
#11722 - Fix RandomMix genre list sort order
#11780 - Scanner failing on common album names
#11912 - Repeat should be turned off by default
#12240 - Last.fm does not scrobble last track in playlist (until new playlist started)
#12873 - Sample Size information for FLAC doesn't show up in UI
#13248 - Change presets to be per-player, separate from favorites
#13600 - Non-western characters incorrectly sorted

7.4.2 doesn't have any firmware changes......


2010-02-03, 03:45
Thanks for the quick answer!

Does this mean that the firmware updates are always in conjunction with SqueezecenterServer updates? Or can I update the firmware without updating the server software?

2010-02-03, 04:07
Well in the olde world, they are always firmly attached. so if you downgrade your system to an old revision of server software, the firmware would be back tracked as well.

In the new MySB.com world, if you connect to MySB then you will automatically get the latest MySB firmware update. This may be (probably shouldn't be) different from the Squeezebox Server latest full release version. That means currently 7.4.1 not the bug fixed 7.4.2.