View Full Version : Installing Squeezecenter Server on a TranquilPC T7-HSAi

2010-02-02, 10:33

I am a real non-tecchie and am not at all happy with the uprgade to Squeezecentre v7.4. I have two squeezebox receivers, one hand controller and a squeezebox boom. I have my music library on a Tranquil NAS that is on 24/7 and is connected to my wireless network by Netgear modem. I have access to the NAS via Windows Home Server on my laptop and Squeezecentre was installed on the laptop.

Before the upgrade I was able to access my music library 24/7 by connecting to MYSERVER through the NETGEAR wireless network.

On my first upgrade I loaded Squeezebox Server onto my laptop and all was fine until I switched the laptop off and was unable to access My Music from the controller.

The NAS was bought just to store my music and I do not want to take up space on my laptop with the library or to have to have the laptop on 24/7. So I tried to install Squeezebox Server onto the NAS using Windows Home Server and could not find any music when I ran a scan and now I cannot access any of my music library.

Does anyone know how I can get this setup to work?

Thanks, Roddy.

2010-02-02, 13:23
Just to clarify things:
The music files is stored on a NAS. The SBS runs on the Windows Home Server.
But the SBS cannot see the music-files.

Where have you told SBS the music-files is placed? Is it a share from the NAS to the WHS like z:\music or is it like \\<NAS-name>\<Musicshare>?