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2010-01-30, 08:42
Hi All

Just a short note to say that
"After upgrade and new router, everything working great"

Was having problems with 2 wireless SB3's re-buffering,
and the Duet only about 75% reliable
This was really ruining the SB experience.

After doing some troubleshooting and
moving/replacing my wireless access point
I now have music nirvana back again.

Upgraded server to Version: 7.3.4 - 28402, did the
firmware upgrade, replaced 8yr old D-Link router
with a new Linksys WRT54GL and hardwiring my Duet
receiver to the router, things are back to normal.

Internet radio streams great and music plays flawlessly.

Have come to this conclusion, wireless routers don't last forever
(the signal was becoming progressively worse as time went on)
So if you are having re-buffering problems it could be you router
and I recommend the Linksys WRT54GL
(nice out of the box and can't wait to try Tomato firmware on it)

I am back to music bliss with my 2 SB3s and the Duet.
Now to get my Ubuntu server going!!

Cheers and "Free Your Music

2010-01-30, 18:58
Huh? What is this? Feel free to answer off line if it is too far off topic...


2010-01-30, 20:17
There are 3rd party firmware loads that you can run on some routers. The WRT-54GL and some versions of the WRT-54G WRT-54GS can run 3rd party firmware loads.

Tomato is one project that is out there. DD-WRT is another project. Personally I use DD-WRT on my WRT-54GS.

Using 3rd party FW loads often give you capability that is missing from the standard load. I use DD-WRT to boost my wireless signal strenght a smidge. I also use a feature often called static DHCP which allows you so assign an IP address to a particular device in the router.

2010-01-30, 23:29
I use tomato, it also has it's admin interface available from the internet side via https, and from there i can do Wake on lane. This enables me to boot my server if i want to listen via softsqueeze when i'm traveling.
It also supports dyn dns and QoS .
And of course the antenna power boosting :)

There is more than DD-WRT or Tomato you have some more projekts (google).

Ebin bought the WRT54GL the L is for Linux, it has more memory than the standard model and is very well suited to run third party software.

The linux inside these softwares looks very similar to the OS logitech is using in radio and touch and controller.

2010-01-31, 10:00
Looking forward to trying this firmware.
Coupla questions....

Can I save original router firmware to hard drive
in case I want to revert?

Is it safe to do this to the router?

Will xbox360 still work as usual with Tomato?

And what are the extra features/benefits that
are available by using Tomato?

Also a quick server question...
The Ubuntu server will be behind a switch before the router
will this cause any problems or is there settings that should

Thanks Again

2010-01-31, 11:19



Got no game consol. But it should work just as any other router ? does game consols require any port-forwarding ? Tomato has that and Upnp

A switch should be transparent it should work just fine.

Restoring should work according to faq, but i dont remember how to backup with linksys original fw, at least one could restore from a file you get from linksys, but obviously have to set it up again.

Consider setting the server on static ip, it is easier to find it then via the webbrowsers and players.

2010-01-31, 11:27
Thanks for quick reply

Already been through all the FAQs and Wikis
Just wondering if it is worth the extra effort
to put in Tomato firmware in.

How much overall performance is gained and how much
you can increase the wireless signal.
A quick overview I guess


2010-01-31, 12:02
Don't really now, it was the missing features in stock firmware and the legendary stability in these third party software to got me on the way to use this.

My old router could not to what i wanted and router software is in general buggy and badly supported. WOl from internet is deliberatly blocked in consumer netgear routers of that era ?

I never used the stock fw i started the router found the upgrade menu and loaded tomato.
I worked it the other way, researched which firmware would suit my needs and got myself a suitable router to run it on.

And the old days this ways the router to have, it has good track record with squeezeboxes and was often suggested on this site for stable connection with squeezebox V3. With third party fw note that.

If the stock fw works ok for you why change.

Now with all these N routers and mimo and stuff it could be a bit old and on its way out, but i like it . It is not the fastet thing out there you now.

I installed Tomato and it worked was planning to try DD-WRT but never got that far, i have no problem to solve anymore.

be a bit careful with the radio power stock is 40mW you can crank it to 200mW but the radio can actually get noise problems that way 80-100mW is what most people do, I also use the 7dB extra large antennas you can get as an option, but they are more directional.
Note that if you run it this way it needs good ventilation, don't put it directly on the pc, it was a warm summer day and could notice that my internet speed was drooping until I spaced it a bit above my hot pc :)

2010-01-31, 14:54
I have experienced a number of router failures. Every time it's been the wall wart.
Check out what the specs you need Volatge and Amps and pop off to the likes of Maplins and get a replacement power supply.
Why is there not a standard for DC power supplies, there appears to be an endless combination of tip size polarity voltage and current requirements.