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2004-08-06, 21:59
You're the second person to report a restart anomoly after upgrading to the
new display. I have ordered one so I'll respond if I also have problems.
Hopefully this is something in the player firmware that can be pretty easily


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Subject: [slim] 5.3.0b1/W2k3Server/SqueezeboxG restarts

I have a week-old Squeezebox which I upgraded to a SqueezeboxG today. With
firmware rev. 31 installed on the device and running 5.3.0b1 on my Windows
2003 Server box, I'm getting fairly frequent restarts of the Squeezebox. The
restarts happen when I fast forward from one track to the next or when I
start playback of a new album. It doesn't happen 100% of the time. When the
restart occurs, the Squeezebox goes through its startup sequence and drops
back into the state that it was in prior to the restart.

Most of my tracks are FLAC, but some are VBR MP3, and I'm not sure whether
or not the format is a factor. This is a wired Squeezebox running on a fast,
reliable network. Audio out is toslink.

I'm new to Squeezebox, and don't know what (if any) diagnostics I can run to
help narrow this down.

Despite these minor problems (which I can hardly complain about in a
pre-release), the SqueezeboxG is really fantastic and the backend software
is an impressive piece of work. This is a big upgrade from my Audiotron.