View Full Version : Squeezebox G is AWESOME

2004-08-06, 18:58
Got my SB G today. Going from the SliMP3 to this was quite nice. I love the
firmware upgrade feature, very smooth, worked GREAT and fast.

The display is just incredible. In fact, I can't even bear to look at the
instruction manual with the old fonts and everything, it's just so much
better. I really can read it accross my room.

Kudos to SlimDevices, this is an excellent update and a very solid product. I
saw a post in here that someone's first impression of the SB was that is
was "cheap" compared to the SliMP3. Personally, I did not find that to be the
case at all. It feels more solid to me than the SliMP3. And I really like
the rubberized feel of the outside, that's a nice touch. I really didn't
expect it to be so much smaller than my SliMP3 height wise, fits in my rack a
lot better that way.