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2010-01-28, 21:53
I am running 7.4.1 on a Synology NAS. I have one single playlist defined on the box called "Rock it Out". The name of the playlist changes itself to "Yahoo! News: Business" after a few days. I change it back but then a few days later it is changed back to "Yahoo! News: Business". What is going on? Why is the SqueezeServer changing my playlist name to "Yahoo! News: Business"?

This is really annoying.

2010-02-03, 20:55
Today I contacted Logitech Support on this issue and was informed they would not help me with this problem because Squeezeserver was running on a Synology (Unix) NAS and they don't support this NAS. I pointed out its not NAS support but SqueezeServer application support. They wouldn't listen. This never would have happened before Slim Devices was purchased by Logitech. Big brother has started to make its stamp. I cannot even say its bad customer service, the fact is they refuse to give Customer Service / Support. Shame on you Logitech. You have lost me as a customer on all your products. Shame Shame Shame on you. Any potential purchasers be aware and think twice about the SqueezeBox platform.

2010-02-08, 01:36
I sympathise with your frustration at Logitech support. Seems like a total cop-out.

However, I have experienced the same issue on an officially supported NAS (ReadyNAS) so I suspect this is a real bug. Quick question: Do you switch between your Nas and mySqueezebox.com? It's just a hunch I have about the cause. And do use the alarms?

Not sure the best approach to getting it acknowledged and hopefully fixed. Probably have to either contact support or raise it on the bug/enhancement list.


2010-02-08, 02:03
I've experienced something like this on a normal PC based SqueezeBox Server. My initial experience stemmed from alarm usage. I had set an alarm to be a favourite, BBC Radio 4. It stopped working for a short while (BBC problem) so I set it the alarm to be Natural Sound/Lapping Waves from MySqueezebox. When I changed back to using my local SBS favourite although the radio 4 station played the title on my Radio screen (and web gui) stayed at the MSB Natural Sound/Lapping Waves. It was very hard to get rid of the problem. Rebooting SBS and all my devices did not do it. I only got rid of this error by rebooting my PC and all Squeeze devices, deleting the favourite and alarm and recreating them.

My post about it is here: