View Full Version : Quick story of upgrade

2004-08-06, 16:18
Just to let everyone know who cares...

Ordered my display upgrade about 5 minutes after Sean posted the

I got it this afternoon! Oh, yeah, what's up with that tube? I guess a
tube is only good for shipping, not actually playing music...but I

I was a little nervous about the upgrade because I hated the idea of
cutting those prongs and possible losing my backout plan. Anyway, I had
updated the sqeezebox to the latest firmware so I was rarin' to go as
soon as I got home from work. My wife usually has dinner on the table
within 15 minutes of me getting home (I know I'm spoiled!), so I had to
hustle to get it done. We usually listen to music during dinner. so I
was going to get clobbered if it wasn't finished in time...

I pulled the new display out of the tube, glanced over the directions to
make sure they were the same as what I had already read over online.
They were, so I knew what to do. Unscrewed the unit, popped the old
display out of the case, pulled off the 14 pin connector, clipped the 3
wire ribbon cable, slid the remainder off the posts, cut posts 2 and 3,
reconnected the 14 pin cable, connected the IR lead to pin 1 of the
remaining 3 pin setup, put the display back in the bottom of the case,
put the case back together (watching the mounting posts), hooked it back
up and turned it on. Powered up with the Slim Devices logo (cool!) and
I was listening to the Friday dinner mix while I was setting the table.
Sweet! I had finished it so fast that my wife didn't even know I had
done it. Quite literally, it took less than 5 minutes from the time I
opened up the shipping tube until the time I had the old display and IR
header back in the tube with the rebate coupon filled out.


I've had one issue after using the deivce for about 2 hours. After
dinner, we browsed through the list and I showed my wife the new default
fonts. She loves that she can make the font so big she can see it from
across the room next to where the unit is. Anyway, while a song was
playing (mp3, cbr 128kbps), it was about halfway though, I scrolled down
to the next song and hit play. The unit flashed off and these really
bright blips shot across the top of the display for about 2 seconds.
They reminded me of a bunch of shooting stars. Then the unit powered
down and powered back up, displayed the slim logo, reconnected to the
network (it's a wireless unit with about a 50-55% signal) and went
right to the song that was playing. It started at the beginning of that
song. I've been able to make it happen once more, but not again. I
can't even make it do that by repeating what I had done using the exact
same songs. I'll try to recreate it, but it certainly was strange.

Overall, great job guys!