View Full Version : SqueezeBox V2 name in SB Server

2010-01-27, 11:02
I have purchased a used V2 SqueezeBox with 130 firmware. It works great except for the name. The previous owner had it named "Family Room". I go in SqueezeBox Server and change the name and for a while it remembers the name, but after a while (maybe after a power cycle? ) it reverts back to "Family Room". Is this normal?

I don't know if this is the correct forum because there doesn't seem to be a forum for SqueezeBox Classics or V2.

2010-01-27, 11:13
Did he removed it from his mysqueezebox.com (aka squeezenetwork) account ?

2010-01-27, 21:01
Thats a good point. I haven't checked that. Thanks.