View Full Version : To Keep the Old Display, or Not to Keep the OldDisplay.That is the Question.

2004-08-06, 13:20
Someone did it and found they had to add a capacitor here's the link


Havent tried it don't know if it would work on the new display


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Display.That is the Question.

Probably not. I have extended the display just a couple inches on my
development hardware, but if you try to go much further than that, the
signal will degrade (it is a high data rate).

Maybe you could do it by using a shielded cable or by using a cable
with interleaved ground lines, like ultra-ATA hard disk cables. But you
have to do a lot of hacking to get the connectors on there I think.

You don't see a lot of shielded ribbon cable these days, but if you go
to an electronics surplus store you might find something already made
with 14-pin connectors on it. Remember the early PCs (eg Apple ][) used
to use cables like this to go to the external disk drives... that's
what you'd probably need.

On Aug 6, 2004, at 5:39 AM, Robert Zimmerman wrote:

> I am going to order one as well. Question - I have all my equipment
> behind cabinets using a Niles Intellicontrol remote system. Is it
> possible, as long as I have to open the thing up to change the
> display, to lengthen the cable and install the display outside the SB
> into the cabinet itself to be visible from the room without opening
> the equipment cabinet? If so, any specifics on the cable to use?
> Thanks and keep up the good work, the product is amazing!!!
>> I just ordered the new display. It was kind of on a
>> whim so I sure hope it's worth it.
>> As you know the "August special," which I hope is
>> better than the September or October specials, ;) is
>> that you can send the old display back in for $20.
>> I own one Squeezebox (which is what this display is
>> for) and one SLIMP3. Obviously if the new display
>> goes out I can't put the old one back in because the
>> instructions have you clip a couple of connectors (is
>> this really necessary?). However, should the display
>> go out on my SLIMP3 I'm assuming I could use this one
>> to replace it.
>> Would the nice folks at Slim Devices be willing to say
>> what kind of failure rate they've had on the old
>> display? I'm assuming it will cost me much more than
>> $20 if I need to replace it on my SLIMP3 in the
>> future.
>> Also, is there any kind of warranty on the new
>> display?
>> Anyway, just wondering what everyone's thoughts were
>> on sending the thing back for the rebate.
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