View Full Version : Format confusion, can someone explain this to me

Michael Sigalos
2004-08-06, 10:33
Hey Ted,

Someone please correct me if I am mistaken, but Squeezebox does not natively
support WMA. However, not to worry. There is a converter program called
WMADEC that is distributed with the SlimServer program that converts WMA to
WAV/MP3 on the fly so that the Squeezbox can play it. I don't think WMAs
with DRM are playable and I don't know anything about WMA Pro. Sorry.

I run SlimServer under NT4S and WMAs were not working for me but kdf was
kind enough to provide a suggested fix. Another decoder that works under

You can see all of the converter settings in convert.conf and what progams
are used to do the conversion.


On Aug 6, 2004, Ted wrote:

> The FAQ says that AAC files are supported via the SlimServer software
> rather than being decoded on the Squeezebox itself (like MP3 is or WAV
> or AIFF). But what about WMA? I see a long detailed section on the
> FAQ about using LAME to convert iTunes (non protected)AAC for the SB,
> but what about WMA? Is WMA directly supported in SB, or does that
> require LAME, too? What about WMA Pro (the lossless format)?
> I used to have a SliMP3, am getting the new SB today and I am in the
> process of deciding what format to re-rip all my music to for optimal
> quality (lossless) and size (lossless compression of some kind). But
> the key here is I then want the "archival" music on my hard drive to
> be of a format that I can use Windows Media to encode for my iRiver
> MP3/WMA player.

> Thanks in advance, I didn't see the first part answered in the FAQ -
> at least that I saw