View Full Version : Looking for Old SqueezeBox

2010-01-25, 21:13
Some time ago I posted a request for an old SqueezeBox if someone had one for sale. Pfarrell sent me a PM (which doesn't seem possible anymore) but for whatever reason, we never connected.

If you have one of the original or second generation SqueezeBox players that you are wondering what to do with, please let me know. I am not fond of the new form factor and almost exclusively control my SB with a networked connection. I do want the display; I just don't want it taking up more than a single rack unit of space if possible (of course if it looks like the other SB, that would only be another bonus!)

2010-03-05, 10:27
Let me know if you're interested.

2010-03-05, 12:07
1st generation squeezeboxes are currently fetching 60 - 80 in UK on Ebay - although I did manage to pick up two for about 40 a month or so ago. I hope whoever is paying close to $100 for one of these know what they are buying - no WPA wifi, no MySB.com. I am happy with mine and can accept their limitations compared to my Radio and Receiver.

Pale Blue Ego
2010-03-06, 12:25
There's something to be said for older units that can run on much earlier versions of the server software. I have a SB1G as well as an original SliMP3. I would consider upgrading them at some point, but not sure what I would choose out of the current lineup. I guess it would be Touch or Boom.

That SliMP3 is still awesome. A true classic.