View Full Version : Clip the Pins? was --> To Keep the Old Display,or Not toKeep the Old Display. Thatis the Question.

Tom Armitage
2004-08-06, 09:41
>> So, I have seen this question asked twice now and I don't think anyone has
>> answered it...
>> Is it necessary to clip the two leads on the board, or can they just be
>> left
>> "as is"?
> I don't know, but it seems highly unlikely that they'd suggest it if it
> wasn't necessary.

I installed the new display into my Squeezebox last night, it's a very
simple process and took a grand total of 5 minutes.

What you are actually cutting is the cable to the IR sensor - there are no
pins or connectors on this interface per se, just 3 wires soldered
directly to the main PCB.

The original IR sensor in the original Squeezebox is on a separate module
from the display. Both the original display and the IR Sensor module need
to be removed to make way for the new display, which integrates the IR
sensor onto the same assembly as the new display.

You need to cut the wires of the old IR sensor, leaving 1/4" of wire
sticking up leaving you with 3 "pins" so you can connect a flying lead
from the IR Sensor on the new display to pin 1, which I presume,
re-connects the IR sensor data output to the main PCB. Power and ground
are suppiled to the new IR Sensor by the new Display assembly.

There is no real reason to cut the other 2 "pins" off flush to PCB other
than they were presumably used to carry power and ground to the old IR
sensor and so they should insulated from each other to prevent a
short-circuit in power supply. Cutting the pins flush to the PCB is the
simplest way to achieve this.

I think this is what the deal is with cutting the wires, I'm happy to be
corrected if I'm wrong!

All up it is a very easy procedure and the new display worked first time
and looks fantastic.