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2010-01-25, 08:56

My SB3 will sometimes turn itself on when I log out of my server including when the device and/or the web interface are not used. It only occurs 1 time in 10 or so but can still be a bit annoying. This has happened on my former and current set-up (both PC/Windows7) and with various versions of SBS. Any ideas on why might account for this? BTW, no such phenomenon with my Boom.

2010-01-26, 14:08
This is an issue that our technical support team can assist you with.

I recommend sending an email to support for additional assistance with this matter.

Please follow the link below the click on the Email Support link.

Please be sure to select the correct product in the product selection drop down menu.

Audio > Network Music Players > then select the correct Squeezebox product you are requesting support for.