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2010-01-25, 06:04
I have bought a new Mini PC (Acer Veriton) running XP to use as an "always on" network music server together with my Buffalo 500gb NAS drive.

As this computer is fresh out of the box I would welcome any advice on which applications I should install/need bearing in mind that it will only be used as a server. I currently use i-tunes with the library on the NAS so I assume i-tunes/squeezebox server, on that subject, should I uninstal my current squeezebox server from my other computer on the network - will they conflict if I don't?

I currently have Squeezebox Boom which works very well and hope soon to add a Squeezebox Duet.


2010-01-25, 06:34
You don't need to remove the SBS install on the NAS, they two can live on the same network quite happily, you will just get the choice of connecting to either when the Boom first starts.