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2010-01-23, 17:40
Is there a way to force a player to go into "off" status when not in use?

I ask because I am bothered by how the alarms works when players are sync'd -- that is, all sync'd players sound the alarm together, unless they are off. Although I generally like music playback within my house to be sync'd, I don't need everyone getting up at 5am with me. And I don't want to have to remember each night to manually turn off each player. I've read discussions about very complicated solutions with sync groups (establishing new groups, breaking the alarm player out of the group temporarily, etc.) but it seems an easy solution would be to have players switch from "standby" status (paused or stopped) to "off" status when not in use. I define "not in use" as no music playback after some user-defined amount of time -- I wouldn't want my players turning off every time I pause a track. So say after an hour of no playback, the players turn off. Then only the player where the alarm was set will sound in the morning. To get music up and running throughout the house, all I would need to do is turn on the players.

So back to my original question: is this currently possible, and I just haven't stumbled upon the setting?

2010-01-23, 17:52
I use the PowerSaver plugin, found here:


After x minutes idle, it will turn your player off. Works on my boom(s) and sb3 very well.


2010-01-23, 17:56
Tom, you are using iPeng.
Turning off all your players is a single click on your main power button :) That's what the group control is for in iPeng...

2010-01-24, 05:41
Thanks Tom, I'll go check it out. And here I thought I was going to have to learn how to write a plug-in...

Pippin, I too use iPeng. (And it's awesome, as I'm sure you know.) The problem is that your solution requires me to actively do something to turn off all players at night. It's just not the way I use my players -- often a playlist ends, I go on to do something else and don't think about it again, nor should I have to.

2010-01-24, 07:55
Hi Pippin,

I am not using iPeng although I'm sure I would if I had an iTouch/iPhone. :)


2010-01-24, 08:07
I am not using iPeng although I'm sure I would if I had an iTouch/iPhone. :)

I meant ajkidle, who has it in his signature.

Of course it's true that it's a better solution to have the player turn off automatically than having to remember to do even a single action.

2010-01-24, 09:23
There have been enhancement request regarding this behavior turned to "wontfix" in bugzilla .

when the alarm goes off what ever playlist the player was using is flushed and replaced by the alarm, from that follows a group of small problems including this one .

Basically i think .

1. after the alarm is "done" the player should return to its previous state/playlist this enhancement request ( i think it is a bug) was turned down. after the alarm the player has the now playing list created by the alarm ?

2. optionally if the player is the master for a sync group there should be an user option to choose if the alarm also should go out via the slaves.

3. A slaved players alarm should *never* permeate to the other players .
example if a sync my boom to my SB3 in the living room and use my SB3 to play music, in the morning when the boom alarms the SB3 also alarms ? utterly bizzare. If I synced to other way around i would get the logic. Players synced to a player with a scheduled alarm gets alarms, I can live with that.