View Full Version : Squeezebox G feedback

2004-08-05, 17:49
Hey guys,

I'm an original Slimp3 customer who has been totally happy with his
purchase for years. I just got my Squeezebox Wireless G today and I'm
totally psyched to go home and set it up...

I did just want to give you some impressions on the unit though.
Comparing the Slimp3 to the SB, the SB seems much more cheaply made. The
Slim just feels and looks like a much more solid piece of hardware,
whereas the SB seems light and much more fragile. I don't know how true
this is, but I'd feel much better off dropping the Slim 5 feet than the
SB (not that I intend to do either anytime soon). If I went into a store
and saw the SB on a shelf I might wonder about paying that sort of money
for it, given its appearance.


ps: the issue i was having with the slim display tons and tons of
garbage characters seems to have resolved itself. It started doing it
again briefly the other night after my two emails to this list, but I
haven't seen it since. The Slim kept playing throughout, so I wonder if
it was some wierd display synchronization issue.