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2004-08-05, 13:18
We have always been amazed by the ideas our customers have come up
with, given the limitations of the original 40x2 character display. Now
that the Squeezebox is capable of bitmapped graphics and fast
animation, we thought it would be fun to do a plugin contest.

Any sort of software or hardware hack is welcome, but here are some
ideas to get you started:

- Font sets
- Games
- Information tools (news readers, etc.)
- Visualizers
- Animations and/or movies
- Web skins
- Screensavers
- Case modifications

Documentation on plugins can be found in the SlimServer online help
area under Technical Information. Also, feel free to post to our
Developers List if you need some help getting started. Submissions
and/or questions should be sent to plugins (AT) slimdevices (DOT) com.

The prizes will be as follows:

GRAND PRIZE: Collector's item: the one and only hand-made, working
SLIMP3, serial #00000001 out of 80, signed with a soldering iron by the
assembly technician, PLUS your choice of either a new 12" iBook or a
Tektronix TDS1002 oscilloscope.

1ST PLACE: Two new graphic, wireless Squeezeboxen

FIVE RUNNER UP PRIZES: A new graphic, wireless Squeezebox

Details and contest rules can be found on our web site at:



Dean & the rest of the SlimDevices Team!