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2004-04-19, 01:34
it seems the filename setting got lost along the way, and only the variable
filenames were working. This fixes the problem.


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I did enter the values in Artwork and Artwork Thumbnail settings. The thing
I changed was the program-version. Initially I entered front.jpg i both
fileds in version 5.1.1 (I think). Then I resized the images, entered
front_std.jpg and front_thm.jpg, and at the same time i installed the latest
nigthly version. This did not work, and when I changed the values back to
front.jpg again it still didn't work.

The --d_artwork confirms this: As far as I can see the artwork-scan ignores
the values entered in Artwork / Thumbnail settings and only looks for the
default picture names.

I'm running the official 5.1.3-version.

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> The question I have is what did YOU change between when it worked and when
> started to not work. A file named front.jpg would never work, unless you
> entered that in the Artwork and Artwork Thumbnail settings: Server
> interface. Normally slimserver will look for cover.jpg, folder.jpg,
> thumb.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg. If you need other filenames, such as
> and back.jpg, you must have them entered as settings. Make sure that is
> and if it still doesn't work, you can try running the server from a
> prompt (start-all programs-accessories-command prompt):
> c:\program files\slimserver\server\slim.exe --d_artwork
> the debug messages that show up in the command window may help determine
> else is going wrong.
> -kdf
> Quoting Peter Olufsen <po (AT) dsinet (DOT) dk>:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have artwork-files named front.jpg and back.jpg. Some time ago I used
> > "Browse by Artwork"-feature (Fishbone), and it worked great, but as some
> > the pictures have a large size I have resized them to front_std.jpg
> > and fromt_thm.jpg (100x100) for better web-performance. (The original
> > is still there)
> >
> > But now I can't get it to work at all, it does not show any covers even
if I
> > change the name back to front.jpg ??
> >
> > I run the latest version 5.1.2 (17/4), Windows XP and I read files from
> > iTunes
> >
> > I have tried different versions (5.1.1 and some of the newer), different
> > skins (Touch and Fishbone) but I cant get cover-display neither in the
> > browse-window or in the player-window
> >
> > What am I doing wrong, has something changed ?
> >
> > Thanks in advance,
> > Peter