View Full Version : embedded r29836 not following symlinks?

2010-01-19, 22:22
I just updated to the latest nightly embedded 7.5.0 (r29836) and it's not scanning all of my music files. Either it doesn't like my 401 MP3 files, or it doesn't like following the symlink from my FLAC library to find them. It is finding all of my 5000+ FLACs. I noticed with r29767 (Jan 12) that the initial automatic rescan did not pick up the symlink'd MP3s and that I had to do a separate "new and changed" scan to pick up those tracks and the scan finds them as "new", but with r29836 even that doesn't work. (NB: I am using MusicIP.)

Unfortunately all of my MP3s are in the symlink'd directory, so it isn't easy for me to tell whether the source of the problem is being MP3s or the symlink, although somehow I suspect the latter. Interestingly, the first line on the scan report in the web ui is "Remove deleted files (401 of 401)", so somehow it thinks the MP3s are deleted, even when it never picks them up in the first place.

2010-01-20, 00:06
I was wondering this myself: it didn't find some artwork I symlinked (ln -s cd1/cover.jpg cd2/cover.jpg).

Please file a bug.

2010-01-20, 08:04
Done: Bug 15507 (https://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=15507)