View Full Version : Readynas and my two Squeeze device?

2010-01-18, 11:54
I have a Duet and a Radio.

I have ordered a Netgear Readynas Duo 500gb to use as a server instead of my PC. It is supposed to run Squeezeserver.

But will it?

Can I expect any problems?

Any suggestions would be appreciated. My browsing makes use of the Readynas a bit scary...

I already have tried Squeezecenter on the Synology DS108J. What a friggin nightmare.

2010-01-18, 12:06
it will work fine (i have one). my only complaint is that the web interface to control is very, very slow (because the readynas is just not that powerful). But this is with over 60,000 tracks in the library....


2010-01-18, 12:20
It works for me, too (500Gb ReadyNAS Duo and an SB3 - hoping to expand with a few more zones at some point!).

I agree with garym that the web interface is quite slow (although I have an additional wireless (N) hop from the NAS to the router via an ethernet bridge - not ideal, but I want it out of sight and out of mind).

I tend to control the SB3 via the IR interface (using a Harmony 885 controller) or iPeng on my iTouch (which can also be a little slow, but not as slow as the web interface). Although, to be honest, I didn't buy the NAS specifically to host the server - I bought it as part of my backup solution, and the serving was an added bonus. I'm happy with it.


2010-01-19, 16:29
I have just installed a Readynas Duo and squeezebox boom and transferred all my music and playlists to the readynas. I have also updated the readynas with version 7.4.1 ( using downloaded file Squeezeboxserver_7.4.1-sparc-readynas.bin) and updated the firmware on the squeezebox. The squeezebox plays all my music but I had a couple of problems with playlists.

I agree that the server is slow using the Readynas but now that my music is on the readynas and I have fixed the playlist problems then I just power on the readynas and the squeezebox and everything works great. I still create my playlists externally and copy them onto the readynas so I am not concerned about the speed of the server.

All in all I am really pleased with my purchases.