View Full Version : Can't connect to URL radio or last.fm

2010-01-17, 22:48
I shut my system down while I went away on holiday, and now that I'm back I've run into a few problems.
I noticed that my last.fm plugin no longer updates the music I was playing - looking at the log I got a host of 'can't resolve host ip' errors..
Then I wanted to listen to a radio stream - same problem - Looking at the logs I noticed I wasn't able to connect to the squeezenetwork - so I entered my password/login details - and it came up as invalid. So I asked for a new password, and although I was able to use these login/password to connect to the mysqueezenetwork, upon entering them on the player settings I still get 'invalid' error.

Any clues?

2010-01-21, 06:05
I'd try re-booting your router for starters.

Any chance you updated to the SBS 7.5 version? This uses a different MySB server.