View Full Version : Missing WMVCORE.DLL, Can't Play WMA Under NT 4.0 (RESOLVED)

Michael Sigalos
2004-08-05, 08:05

As always, great advice. Worked like a damn charm. It's almost like you
are a SlimServer expert or something. :)

For the very few out there who might be running NT 4.0 Server without WMP9,
take note... this works. I suppose the best route would be to follow
Dean's advice and upgrade to W2K Server (workstation won't do it, I need
the domain). But my server is a bit old and it still works just fine with
the smaller NT4S footprint. To upgrade to W2KS would require a big check
to Bill and/or some new hardware. I guess I might have been able to afford
it, but then Slim Devices comes out with that nifty new graphic thing, and
well, there you are. I mean, I guy's gotta have his priorities straight,
you know.

So thanks for helping to delay my eventual computer upgrade a bit more. One
day I expect SlimServer will just stop working under NT4 and I will have to
do something.


On Aug 4, 2004, at 8:37 AM, kdf wrote:

> the server used to use ffmpeg at one point. you could try using this
> again. first, you will need to seek out a copy of ffmpeg for NT, and
> save it to a folder in your PATH environment variable. For NT, a good
> pace would be c:\WINNT or C:\WINNT\SYSTEM.
> I found a copy here that might work for you:
> http://freedom.dicea.unifi.it/ftp/pub/nt/ffmpeg.exe
> edit the convert.conf so that you have the following:
> wma wav squeezebox *
> [ffmpeg] -i $FILE$ -f wav -
> wma mp3 * *
> [ffmpeg] -i $FILE$ -f wav - | $lame$ --slient -b $BITRATE$ - -
> hope that helps.
> -kdf