View Full Version : Native Support of Real Audio Streams

2010-01-17, 11:52
Does anyone know when\if the Squeezebox will natively support Real Audio Streams?

The reason I ask is that although I am able to listen to BBC streams via the BBCiPlayer plugin and\or AlienBBC, I would really like to be able to listen to the streams without the need for my PC to be switched on.

The assumption here being that this is the reason why I cannot play the BBC streams that are available on Radiotimes via Mysqueezebox - the stream loads with the correct information (station, show, photo on the controller etc) but I don't hear anything. Other streams, e.g. wma streams, work fine.

If anyone has any information then it would be much appreciated.

Adrian Boughey
Munich, Germany

2010-01-17, 13:50
RealAudio is effectively dead - the BBC will stop all support of RealAudio by March 2010. So there is no point in SB player supporting Realaudio as there will be no BBC content.

Since June 2009, all the BBC live streams - National, regional and local are all available in WMA format for both UK and non UK listeners - so there has been no need for a plugin to play live stream for the last 6 months.

These streams are available using BBC App or Radiofeeds app. The better quality live feeds using AAC can be played using BBCiPlayer plugin.

The BBC are currently testing WMA streams for "Listen Again". So again there is no need for plugin to play these streams but a plugin is needed to obtain the URL for these WMA streams although it may be possible to create a directory of programs which can be read using mysb.com. This possibility cannot be fully investigated until BBC has launched the WMA streams.