View Full Version : To those who have pre-ordered the Touch from Logitech

2010-01-17, 11:44
following on from http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=74117

1 US customer and 1 UK (me) has had the order status changed to 'order in process' from 'order submitted', is this the same for anyone else?

Anybody know what 'order in process' means?

Will the Touch see the light of day in January :)

2010-01-17, 11:56
Will the Touch see the light of day in January :)
One of the devs recently posted that there is basically zero probability of the Touch being released in January. So don't hold your breath....

2010-01-17, 12:33
My order is also 'In process' though not quite sure what that means. I'm in no desperate rush though, after all I've been without it for the last 48 years, another few weeks/months won't hurt!


2010-01-18, 02:01
I ordered mine on 28 October 2009. Still "Order in Process". I'm in the UK.

2010-01-18, 02:08
I'm with you on this one

'Order Status: Order in Process'

2010-01-18, 06:52
It's interesting that most online retailers across the UK (eg Kikatek, Lambatek , morecomputers) have recently changed their ETA date to 29/01/2009. Could it be January after all?

2010-01-18, 08:02
Ordered through UK Logitech site.
Mine has been 'Order in Process' since 23-OCT-2009, so your status change may mean that you may be 3 months behind me ;-)

2010-01-18, 08:15
Mine (UK order) is still listed as "other".
Do keep us posted.

2010-01-18, 13:08
Don't get too carried away with 'what does this mean'

Andy as usual being honest and straight to the point:


Some reality at last, it's good to see care and attention being given.