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2010-01-16, 15:46
On my boom, last.fm was listed twice in mysqueezebox menu. I went through all the setting on both mysqueezebox and sbs unchecking everything I could think of but I couldn't get rid of the double listing. I should add that I have a Radio and it was listing last.fm only once. In utter frustration, I disabled and uninstalled last.fm, using the mysqueezebox website and also sbs plug-in panel. One rogue last.fm listing remained. Turning the boom on and off didn't help. In desperation I unplugged it. Last.fm is gone but now I have two Pandoras! This is occurring only on the Boom. Does anybody know what's going on and how to fix? Thank you.

2010-01-17, 18:15
This is an issue that our technical support team can assist you with.

I recommend sending an email to support for additional assistance with this matter.

Please follow the link below the click on the Email Support link.

Please be sure to select the correct product in the product selection drop down menu.

Audio > Network Music Players > then select the correct Squeezebox product you are requesting support for.

2010-01-17, 18:15
http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/support_downloads/&cl=US,EN <http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/support_downloads/&cl=US,EN>

2010-01-17, 23:13
Thank you, Osama. I discovered a fix.

On MySB,under Players/Menus you can reorder and add items to your home menu. I listed both Pandora and last.fm. on MySB home menu, not remembering that on a different page under MyApps/Player settings there's a drop-down which enables display of the home menu. They were enabled there too and that's why they appeared twice.

I had added last.fm to the MySB Player/Menu so that I could sort the menu order, not realizing it would create a second listing on the Boom itself.

When I uninstalled and removed last.fm from the Players/Menu I must have opened a slot for the second Pandora listing to pop up. As soon as I deleted Pandora on Players/Menu the second listing went away.