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Stephen R Ward
2004-08-05, 03:59

I know it's really bad form to reply to one's own email... -- but, having
spent the last 90 minutes trying out various things, I can report the

* A clean install (after uninstalling) of 5.3.0b1 works fine (once all my
settings/preferences have been re-entered) until I reboot... -- I then
get the same symptoms as below.

* A clean install of 5.2.1 will 'survive' rebooting the XP box; and seems
to work fine with firmware 31.

* However, if I try to install 5.2.1 without uninstalling 5.3.0b1, then I
get exactly the same symptoms as below again....

Therefore, I'm now running SlimServer 5.2.1, with firmware 31 on both SBs;
and all is hunky-dory!

HTH someone...
- $.

Stephen R Ward
<srward (AT) srward (DOT) com>

On 5/8/04 10:16 am, "Stephen R Ward" <srward (AT) srward (DOT) com> wrote:

> Hi!
> I wondered if anyone else was having problems with 5.3.0b1 and XP (5.1.2600
> SP1)?
> Slimserver installed just fine, yesterday (over 5.2.1), and was working just
> fine (with 2 SqueezeBoxen and one copy of the latest SoftSqueeze...) until
> this morning: when I got up, and found both Squeezebox displays blank. Ugh.
> I usually have SlimServer start up automatically when I boot XP (which is
> very rare -- as the system only runs SlimServer and Apache... -- and is
> therefore usually up for months at a time...), and previous versions have
> been running just dandy (...I only upgraded because I've ordered the new
> display ;-). However, starting it manually (after reinstalling a couple of
> times), I get the following:
> * Both SlimServer.exe and Slim.exe try to start up...
> * SlimServer.exe reaches 7,612 K; whilst Slim.exe gradually crawls to
> 55,204 K (or thereabouts), and then vanishes -- giving an error
> signature of:
> AppName: slim.exe
> AppVer:
> ModName: perl58.dll
> ModVer:
> Offset 00086b4a
> ...leaving SlimServer.exe running at 10,608 K, and a "page cannot be
> displayed" error in the browser interface (...not to mention "Problem:
> lost contact..." messages on my SBs, should I try to power them up).
> I'm primarily a Mac user, so apologies if I'm missing something
> obvious(!?!): but the XP box (2.8GHz Pentium 4; 1Gb of RAM; lots and lots of
> disk-space...) has been immensely stable until now -- most of the time just
> streaming 320k MP3s... -- so it looks (to my untutored eye, at least ;-)
> that there's suddenly something wrong caused by the latest install, rather
> than anything else....
> Anyone care to suggest anything? If necessary, I'll go back to 5.2.1 -- but
> wasn't sure if this would work with v.31 of the firmware?
> Cheers...