View Full Version : Stuck on blank Current Playlist screen

Philip Meyer
2010-01-15, 17:47
I was playing music on Boom player, with Touch controlling it.
Touch was showing Now Playing screen.
I cleared the playlist in the WebUI.
Turned the Boom player into Power-Off mode via WebUI.

Touch went into power-off mode, as the Boom player was off.
I touched the power-on icon.
The Touch player now shows a blank Current Playlist screen. However, I am stuck on this screen now. I can't press back (or long-press for Home menu), I can't swipe L-R or R-L to get off screen.

In fact, the Touch is responding to updates to the playlist via WebUI, but I can't do anything via the Touch screen.

2010-01-16, 05:18
Try the IR remote.

I suspect they would prefer these types of posts posted *elsewhere*. ;)