View Full Version : Will there be a preorder offer on the SB-Touch?

2010-01-14, 06:44
Are there any plans to offer a preorder on the Logitech shop for those of us that are waiting for the Touch launch?

The Touch is the first product that has met all the requirements that I have to make the jump to a streaming digital front end for my HiFi and I fully expect it to replace my CD player and Tuner.

At this stage I have ripped the majority of my CDs to FLAC, Squeezebox server 7.4.1 is up and running on my main PC and I'm using SqueezePlay for replay and radio streaming on my PC. The only piece of the puzzle that's missing is the Touch itself which I'm (like many others) patiently waiting for.

So how about it Logitech?
Any change of a discounted preorder for those of us that are sitting here patiently watching the forums and waiting for a release?

2010-01-14, 07:10
Welcome to the forums. I just checked the Logitech site and the SB Touch is clearly available for preorder there. Maybe it depends on what country you're in (I'm in US). Also I believe there was a discount -- maybe 20% -- offered on preorders last autumn, but that expired in October or November.

See the "Preorder Now" button on this page: http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/speakers_audio/wireless_music_systems/devices/5745&cl=us,en

2010-01-14, 07:34
I guess it's market specific then.

The only option available over here (Ireland) is "Notify Me".

And Thanks for the welcome.
I've been lurking here for months keeping track of progress but today is the first time I felt inclined to post. :)

2010-01-14, 07:58
I guess it's market specific then.

It does tend to be, as http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=68123&page=6 shows. Like several others I pre-ordered a Touch in October from the UK site using that code, and got the discount - but no Touch yet! However that was a time-limited offer. Whether something similar will happen when the Touch is eventually shipped, and which markets it will apply in, is something only Logitech can say.