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Julian C. Westerhout
2004-08-04, 15:57
I have the same problem with Softsqueeze 1.0 and Slimserver 5.3.0b1 running
on OS X 10.4.4

The same stream is fine on thw physical squeezebox. Very odd.

Here's a stream that does this.



On 8/4/04 5:31 PM, "dean blackketter"

> Hm, that's funny, it sounds fine here. Are you using the digital or
> analog outputs from your Squeezebox?
> On Aug 4, 2004, at 12:54 PM, Roy M. Silvernail wrote:
>> Niek Jongerius wrote:
>>>> Shoot. Some SHOUTCast stations are also double speed.
>>> Yep, heard this too on, a 32kbps CBR stream
>> Ditto for http://pubint.sc.llnwd.net:9010/listen.pls, the WNKU MP3
>> stream.. I think the culprit is probably the sample rate of the
>> stream, rather than the compression bitrate. This stream is 22kHz at
>> 24kBPS. Hitting a few random SHOUTcast streams, the ones in
>> chipmunkspace are all 22-24kHz sample rates.
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