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2010-01-14, 02:36
I'm new to Logitech & Squeezebox Server.
I've downloaded and installed Squeezebox Server in Win XP, the server is running, I've checked as described in the forums.
My problem is my Sqeezebox radio is not recognised as my player. I want to get the BBC i player app working, where am I going wrong?


2010-01-14, 03:11
Try turning off the Radio (press & hold Power button till you see "Goodbye"), then power back on.
On the Radio scroll to My Music, it should offer you your SBS server to connect to.

2010-01-14, 09:40
Thanks for your help, everythink is working fine.
Just one more thing to ask, do I need to leave my computer on to use the BBCI PLAYER plugin?

Once again, thanks.

2010-01-14, 12:54
Yes, Plugins reside in your SBS server program on your computer.
No computer = no SBS = no Plugin