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2010-01-13, 09:22
A bit OT but... Check out the new L5 remote for iPod/iPhone :


Finally! Looks nice. A few points:

1) It would be nice if it could import Pronto definition files. Tons of these are already available.

2) They could add the option of going straight from wifi to IR emitter(s) OR offer the option of an RF dongle with RF to IR emitter(s) OR (the ultimate solution) use the iPod wifi to talk to 3 types of wifi converters/emitters: wifi to IR, wifi to RF and wifi to Bluetooth (for the PS3 and future devices).

3) You need to unplug the dongle to charge the iPod (not a biggie)

4) PS3 (bluetooth) not directly supported (not their fault) but see #2 above.

5) Will we be able to create and import our own buttons bitmaps?

Lot of potential here!
Iam Nemo

2010-01-14, 01:12
Not that impressed, another programmable IR remote. I think a Harmony is probably as good in real use. They should at least have considered an RF link. They will be as good as their programming library..

Compared with the interactive remote facilities of iPeng, absolutely no competition in my opinion.


2010-01-14, 17:29
Seems almost all remotes I unpack now are "universal". I think I have three of them laying on the coffee table right now. I'll pass on paying for another one.

(Didn't my 16 year old Apple Newton have this feature built in?)

2010-01-14, 20:49
I've already invested hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in "universal" remotes over the years (Prontos, Harmony, etc.) so I will certainly invest another 50 bucks to check this one out as I already have the iPod Touch. It is certainly not a mature product now but one that has potential.