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2004-08-04, 13:49
Ah, that's exactly what happened. It was lurking to the right.

Ironic that the right arrow displays the horizontal remote
below the device, while the down arrow displays the vertical
remote to the right of the device.

Now the remote needs to get a little more ergonomic - those harsh
corners of the virtual remote look so sharp in contrast to the smooth
edges of the real remote! LOL!


>>> richard_titmuss (AT) yahoo (DOT) co.uk 8/4/2004 4:40:17 PM >>>

To find the horizontal remote try moving the main window around your
I think you'll find it lucking somewhere around the edges of the


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> I'm running Windows XP SP1 with the Slim Devices skin.
> The Veritcal remote looks great! I think I'm at home with my
> own Squeezebox. The horizontal remote never shows up when
> I hit the down arrow in the lower left corner.
> When modifying the brightness, there is a huge difference
> between the brightest and the next lowest, but there is
> very little difference (if any) between the next to lowest
> and the lowest.
> Other than that, this is really great. Thanks to Richard for
> writing this and slim for including it in the slimserver
> If softsqueeze in any indication of the new display, I'm completely
> sold on the upgrade - even if it does cost me more than I wanted
> to spend on my electronics right now!
> Paul