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2010-01-13, 02:37
just wanted to let you know :-D

Bought my first squeezebox (Duet) 2 years ago.

I really hated it the first 3 months because of connectivity problems, but stuck with it and got it sorted. Turned out it was caused by a bad combination of Vista (pre SP1) and old router firmware. The laptop lost connection to the router and I kept blaming the squeezebox (sorry!). Finally moved to XP and new router firmware and everything was fine. Since then I have changed router twice (new ISP) and had no problems what so ever :-) (I use plain DHCP with reserved IP's)

The squeezebox software keps improving and I've bought 2 Booms and a classic last year.

I love the new interface on the controller.
I love being able to control the players from my computers (webinterface)
I love the multitude of plug-ins.
I love the flexibility of the whole system.
I love the wave of new products (Boom, Radio, Touch, what's next?).
I love that "old" products keep improving through the software, features etc.

And maybe best of all:
I love the active community, always a lot of helpfull people - Thank You all!

I feel confident in my choice of streaming technology, that I won't be stuck with unsupported discontinued hardware. If (god forbid) that should happen one day, I'm sure the community of developers would come to the rescue :-)

I'm looking forward to future products, services and features from Logitech, keep up the good work!


2010-01-14, 16:51
Good show - I feel equally enthused about my five(!) Squeezeboxes. It has totally changed my relationship with music. It's just so convenient and you can be spontaneous about what to listen to in a way that I never could before. Bravo.

2010-01-14, 19:17
I appreciate the passion you both have for the Squeezes! I, too, feel exactly the same way...I have never listened to so much beautiful music with such continuous awesome fidelity. I am so impressed with these players. I also have some great radio stations in my favorites collection and stations that will broadcast athletic events that otherwise would be unavailable in my town. I enjoy the variety of music sent to me via last.fm.com....It is interesting to hear what is recommended to me after much scrobbling. If I like the music I can simply save the album/track to Rhapsody. These are the only 2 subscriptions I have. I also use Pandora. So, I really love the Squeezes and I recommend them to all my friends. Most of them don't seem to get my excitement. Good to see that you, Havoc and Letten, feel the same. I would like to see this POSITIVE thread go on and on and hear others POSITIVE opinions!

2010-01-15, 04:06
People are always quick to complain, or moan - so positive threads are a nice change!

Like others, SBs of various sorts have changed my musical life totally. It's a winning combination of excellent sound quality, great value and extreme convenience.

The range of devices mean most bases are covered - from standalone players like the Boom (which is the one that gets used every day in our house), to "high end" kit like the TP (and the Touch . . ).

Brilliant stuff!

2010-01-15, 05:20
think its 4 years since my classic, and I have to rein back comments with friends for fear of becoming a Squezebox bore.

It has made music an even more important part of my life and opened me to things like last.fm, MuiscIP and internet radio. It's almost killed the tv.

Roll on Touch and beyond.

2010-01-15, 11:37
Jesper et al - I echo your sentiment 100% I started off with a Duet about 18months ago, perservered with it and its been rock solid for the past year+, since then I have added a Boom and a radio as well as a low powered server running vortebox

I too listen to so much more music now then before, I was always a music fan but now I listen as much as possible, either my local music or LastFM, Napster or the BBC radio stations on internet radio (they pretty much put all the other UK stations in the shade). I also like the technology side of things, being able to control the whole system via my iPhone is an added bonus

2010-01-15, 13:04
+1 to all the above

And anyone else think the Random play function is terrific too? Usually unearthing some forgotten gems ..... :-)

2010-01-15, 14:17
I, too, love my SB's - two SB3, one SB2, and one Controller. And a couple of redundant SB1G and a very old SliMP3. I expect to be adding a Boom soon, for the kitchen.

Nothing on the market, then or now, comes close to the sound, or flexibility, of the SB concept. It seems to do things the way I (as an engineer) think they should be done. Perhaps as a result, I've never found them hard to set up, or to use.

And did I mention that they sound great?