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2004-08-04, 12:08
I second the recommendation for Kawartha TV. That's where I
bought my previous ones. I happened to luck out the other
way on this new version. I was going to purchase another
wired unit and all their stock got flooded out in the
Peterborough storms. It turns out their new shipment
has the new displays! :-) I usually get the short end
of the stick on these things.

Lucky stiff!

I dropped by the Peterborough store after the flood, and they offered to
ship one to me when the new stock came in, no charge for shipping. But
instead I went by Belleville this Saturday and picked up a wired one from
their Belleville store on my way to Kingston, figuring, why bother with
shipping if I'm going past the place anyway?

I should have taken them up on their free shipping offer!

Ah, well, can't complain.

- Paul
paul_colley (AT) mapinfo (DOT) com +1 416 609 7706