View Full Version : Problem with playlists (itunes) not updating in SBS

2010-01-11, 15:56
I am trying to update my playlists that are on iTunes 9.x (win) into SB and it just isn't updating them.
I have my config setup so that it is looking at my library at:
X:Music/itunes (its on another drive in my PC)

I have attached the scan log but I am somewhat clueless as to what it means-appreciate any insights.


2010-01-13, 16:16

2010-01-13, 20:21
I have the same problem. I can make a new playlist from a selection in iTunes but Squeezebox Server can't seem to find it. It finds the iTunes DJ playlist but not a custom made one.

Trying to Export playlist... from within iTunes does no good either. Exporting gives me two options, text and XML. When I export a playlist to either of these formats then change the settings in SBS to the folder where I've exported the playlists to, it still can't find them. When I leave the playlist folder in SBS settings blank (what I understand to be "iTunes mode"), it still can't find it.

As far as I know, that's the important stuff and the crux of the problem. If I'm not giving the information that people need to help us find a solution, let me know and I'll add information as requested.

2010-01-16, 17:31
I've had this problem for months now.

SBS was able to find the itunes playlists once upon a time, but then if I made changes to that playlist, SBS would never see the changes, it was frozen in time.

Now as of today I have deleted, rescanned, remade, re-etc., eveything in itunes and SBS and SBS can't find playlists anymore, much less an outdated one.

I'd blame Apple/iTunes, but the changes to the playlists are updated on the iPhone when docked, so the playlist change IS being made somewhere.