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2010-01-10, 09:17
Is this correct meaning I don't need a Squeezeserver where my music is stored (on a NAS)? Or is this only true if I connect a harddisk/USB-stick directly to the Touch?


2010-01-10, 09:52
The Server is running on the Touch but you need something to store your music. For this you normally would connect an usb-drive to the Touch.

2010-01-10, 09:58
Let me re-phrase: My music is stored on a NAS. Will - or will I not - need Squeezeserver installed on the NAS if I use the Touch?


2010-01-10, 10:12
Yes. You can plug in a harddrive to the TOUCH and the built in "tiny" SbS will allow you to play that music. But the TOUCH and its built in tiny SbS will not look across your network for the music files stored on your NAS.

You have two options. (1) Run a full blown SbS on your NAS and then it can serve music to the TOUCH, or (2) copy your music to a USB drive and attach this directly to the TOUCH and use the internal "tiny" SbS to play the music.

If you don't like #2 simply because you don't want another drive with your music on it, keep in mind that one location for your files is a very bad idea, a NAS, even with RAID, is NOT a backup. Many people misunderstand the "backup" benefits of RAID (that is, it is great when you need instant access to data when one drive fails...e.g., in a customer/business situation). But all the RAID disks could go bad, the NAS could be stolen or damaged in fire/flood/lightening strike, etc. So one should have multiple copies of their media files on SEPARATE units (and preferably in separate locations.) I have a NAS, but in addition also have 5 1TB USB drives containing all my files stored at 3 different locations. A couple hundred bucks for a 1 or 2 TB drive is nothing compared to the pain of ripping and tagging a large music collection.

2010-01-10, 10:22
Thanks - so trees don't grow to the sky! My music is stored in 3 locations as well.


2010-01-11, 13:39
Let me re-phrase: My music is stored on a NAS. Will - or will I not - need Squeezeserver installed on the NAS if I use the Touch?


Out of the box yes you need SBS running on the NAS if you want to store the files on the NAS.

The Touch runs linux and has the software to mount a NAS, but Logitech is worried about the speed issue. If you have a very large collection on that NAS and have the Touch connected to the network via WiFi a full scan of that collection could take an EXTREMELY long time. The scan has to read all the music files to find the tags etc. Doing this over wireless can be a very slow process.

In addition they would have to write a UI to browse and select a server, handle passwords etc. That would push out the release even further.

So out of the box SBS has to run on the NAS box. If you really want to mount the NAS on the Touch you can, but you need some linux skills and be prepared for some slow operations, especially on WiFi.

John S.