View Full Version : Spoiled Rotten Computer Weenies

2004-08-04, 09:53
Hey, I can't afford a squeezebox. I'm happy to have softsqueeze. Also,

I'm not sure how the new, improved SB will improve your music listening
experience. The old works great from what I hear, as I suspect the new
one will. You bought it for music,right? Or maybe I'm wrong about that.
If you bought a SB and it works for you, then you got what you payed for.
Two weeks after I bought my Ford, they added 4-wheel anti-lock brakes
instead of two-wheel. Ford didn't announce that first. Soon after I
bought my Sony Vega TV, they added a new digital comb filter to the model
line to improve picture quality. I didn't go griping to Ford or Sony. In
those cases, the changes really did improve performance. With the SB
upgrade, I'm sorry to say that your music will still sound the same.

If any of you whiners, not appreciating that ANY upgrade or rebate offer
from Slim is a gift-horse, then send me your cruddy ol', yet-to-be
upgradaded SB. It'll make us both happier. Neall