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2010-01-10, 02:01
Hi -
I've never been very good at this, so I'd be grateful for some help here. I'd like to add a radio station to my Squeezebox that's not currently listed in the Internet Radio menu.

The station is powered by ClearChannel's "iheartradio" service and can be listened to via a flash player at the following web page:


I've tried using "URL Snooper" and other approaches but can't come up with a working URL. Can anyone help?


2010-01-10, 02:11
If it is using Flash Audio then it is using a format that is not supported by SB players. The station wants you to view their ads.

2010-01-10, 02:23
Thanks for the quick reply. Makes sense.

One further question - since I am able to stream the 1050 ESPN New York (via RadioTime), which appears as a flash player on their site, does this mean that this particular station is providing two streams - as opposed to the RadioTime URL having been extracted form the Flash?

Flash URL:

RadioTime URL:

Thanks again

2010-01-10, 02:49
Some stations provides Flash based user interface but stream standard URLs.

Some use Flash as user interface but also Flash based audio (e.g. BBC) usually either Flash/AAC or Flash/MP3 where there is a proprietary transport protocol RTMP moving standard audio format. Some of these can be played with a special plugin but there two versions of RTMP - plain and encrypted so possibility of playing a Flash stream even with a special plugin is not definite.

To support users with low bandwidth some stations provide high quality over Flash (e.g. 128kbit) and a typically low quality (e.g. 32kbit) "standard" URL - this is true for StreamtheWorld and LiquidCompass stations. Your ESPN station is a Streamtheworld and the URL provided by RadioTime is in fact a playlist of 3 URLs ( I suspect one AAC and the others WMA or MP3)

I'm not sure if Radiotime does any converions.