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2010-01-09, 12:32
I need some help. I was looking at buying a desk radio to listen to Sirius. I came across this awesome radio. However i am seeing conflicting information. I see you can connect your Sirius to this however I also see you have limited stations. Is this true? Mainly i want to listen to Faction. If someone cold help me i would greatly appreciate it. I really want to purchase this so i can also listen to internet radio and my Sirius. Thanks!

2010-01-09, 14:38
Faction is available on the streaming service. Channel 28.

I hear ya on the selection of stations that dont mimic the number of channels you get with a sirius radio player but for me it has the ones that I listen to.

2010-01-09, 21:27
Thanks Moozh... I want that station but i agree with you. I still want to buy this radio it sounds awesome. Its better than paying for the Sirius TTR1 same price way way way more stations + my Sirius stations i listen to