View Full Version : Touch foobar and wasapi

2010-01-09, 11:33
Touch is avaiable as an usb transpoter between pc and dac and

for using foobar and wasapi under window7?

2010-01-09, 11:40
If I'm interpreting your cryptic question properly, the answer is no. You can't use foobar2000 as the file management system for SB players. For the touch you can use the built in tiny SbS or you can feed it from the regular SbS software. (But yes, you can plug a USB drive into the touch and play music from this source...but again using some flavor of SbS).

2010-01-10, 04:09
Further to what Gary said, the Touch is a USB host, not a device. So you wouldn't be able to plug it into a PC and have it recognised as a sound device, this is not what it is designed to do.

2010-01-24, 00:04
Thanks Gary Funkstar!