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Darren White
2004-08-04, 09:51
> 30 day satisfaction only applies to ones purchased direct.
> I paid over £100 less (apx $175) for a brand new one off ebay,
> obviously had been imported from the states as at this price there is no way
> that it was uk sourced.

I don't know what type of discount resellers get for purchasing multiple
units, but since the cheapest squeezebox model retails at $199, I'd
say you got a heck of a deal.

> At some point it was sold by slim so therefore it should not
> matter that it was bought of auction, they still got there money!
> so no more whinges about where i bought it.
> if it hadnt been for duty and vat i would have ordered direct!
> either way slim got there slice.

How long ago did the reseller purchase this unit? Should I get a free
upgrade if I bought mine six months ago, but only unpacked it
yesterday and now its the "old" model?? Whats the difference if I
bought 10 units at discount six months ago and sold them all
yesterday. Should my customers take it up with Slim?

Like they said, take it up with your reseller. Even an ebay auction has
a seller. If they said "Warranty against DOA only", then you get what
you pay for. Be glad they are as affordable as they are. Many people
on this list are among the $279 (was it $299) buyers of the original

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