View Full Version : SlimServer 5.2.1 on Windows XP does not start properly*There is already another copy of the SlimServer running*

Jeff Allison
2004-08-04, 08:22
> I hate to repost, but I am still having troubles getting Slimserver
> started. Nobody out there who had the same problem?

I don't have this problem (I have a different problem on XP that is only
"cured" by daily restarts of the slimserver). But have you checked the
task manager for occurrences of slim.exe? If slim.exe is running, just
kill the task and try starting the service again. Ideally what you want
is to have the service configured to start automatically, then it just
goes when you boot.

- Jeff

> Dominique Kull wrote:
> > Hi there
> >
> > I followed all tips on the Wiki and on this forum, but my
> SlimServer > still does not start properly. > > SlimServer
> has started! > 2004-08-03 13:20:55.0701 Problem: There is
> already another copy of the > SlimServer running on this
> machine. (Unknown error) > > I have no other server
> processes running on either TCP 9000 or UDP 3483. > I tried
> the netsh trick and WinsockXPFix to no avail. > > any
> clues? > > Dominique >