View Full Version : DNS not working for Squeezebox Server under SSOTS 4.3

2010-01-08, 16:33
I'm running Squeezebox Server 7.4.1 under SSOTS 4.3 on a QNAP TS-209.

I'm trying to set up my mysqueezebox.com account in the server UI pages and get the error "Invalid mysqueezebox.com username or password."

I've tested my password by going directly to mysqueezebox.com and logging in there. I also had this working fine until I did a clean reinstall yesterday.

When I look at other threads about this error, often the problem seems to be DNS resolution and that may be the case for me as well.

Inspecting my SBS server log reveals:

0471: [10-01-08 15:06:52.2485] Slim::Networking::SqueezeNetwork::_error (447) Unable to login to SN: Couldn't resolve IP address for: www.mysqueezebox.com

When I ping www.mysqueezebox.com on the QNAP's command line, it resolves fine, to

Slightly baffled. SSOTS isn't running in a chroot environment with different DNS settings, is it? Any tips where to look next?