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2010-01-08, 12:43
I have an SB2 that I have been using with no problems at all for a few years (since they were first released!). Now when the device is on standby the screen is completely blank instead of displaying the date and time.

I have checked the screensaver settings, I have checked the brightness settings, I have pressed the brightness button on the remote (I know the button works because the firmware reload worked fine), I have reloaded the firmware, I have reset the player preferences and I have done a xilinx reset and still the same problem :(. My other two devices, an SB1 and an SB3, are working just fine.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be or is it likely to be a hardware fault?


2010-01-08, 12:48
You mention specifically that the display is blank when it is on standby. Does that mean that it does display information when playing? Or is it always blank? If it displays when playing then I strongly doubt it's a hardware fault.

Is it connected to your local SBS, or to mysb.com?

2010-01-08, 12:57
It works perfectly when it is switched on so I think you're right and it's not going to be a hardware fault.

It connects to both my local SqueezeCenter server and mysb.com.

I've attached a screenshot of the display settings from mysb.com.

2010-01-09, 07:04
i have gotten the exact same thing on my sb3 :(
occured after previous firmware update?
what might be the issue here?..hmm :(

nevermind! found the answer @:

seems to be a new function?...haven't remember seeing that on previous firmwares.. :)

2010-01-09, 11:01
That's not the issue with mine, the brightness settings are set correctly...

I've done a bit of searching through the bug reports and I've found these:


Both of these sound like they could be related so I am going to install the latest nightly of 7.4.2 when I get a chance and see if that sorts it.