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2010-01-08, 08:17
Beginner here....

Have had the squeezebox radio for one week.

It is hooked up to the wireless router.

It worked fine for the the first three days then last night I encountered a problem. When I turned it on there is no sound.

I played around with it...nothing.

Then I unplugged it from the wall socket and then plugged it back in and got the sound from the radio.

It just happened again this morning. Turn on...no sound. Unplug and replug...got the sound.

Can anyone help me solve this problem?


2010-01-08, 10:18
When you get no sound what is the WiFi icon color (lower right on the Radio screen)? White? Blue? Red?
Did you try pressing Play? Sometimes internet stations just stop streaming.

2010-01-08, 12:28
Hi Toby,

Thanks for the quick reply.

The icon right now is "white".

I just turned the radio on and I do have audio on 5 of the 6 preset stations. It's one of the local stations I preset for my mother.

Please keep in touch or look for future updates, in case I can't get the sound again.

Before I post, I will try your suggestion to press "play" the next time this happens.

I bought this for my mother. She likes it a lot and so do I.

in fact, I just bought one for myself, but have not yet attempted to set it up.
Waiting for the nerve and time to work on it.

I had a very knowledgeable friend (who lives out of town) set up this squeezebox. So I can't depend on her to help me iron out this problem.


2010-01-08, 16:44
Many here, and at Logitech support, are ready whenever you have a problem.
Enjoy. :)