View Full Version : ESET NOD32 vs ESET Smart Security 4

2010-01-07, 11:48
I need to renew Nod32 for 3 computers in the house and am wondering if I should upgrade to Smart Security 4 instead.

But I wonder about problems with my Duets. After much struggling, I have 2 working again. A 3rd may or may not (it's been unplugged for 2 weeks so I don't have to look at the stupid blue light). I'm glad to see that Logitech is finally admitting that they have problems on their servers but, frankly, I'm worn out from trying to connect that 3rd Duet. Right now, I don't have what it takes to struggle with it when Logitech's servers haven't caught up with Christmas sales. I've told multiple people over the phone that all is correct on my end. I've sent scathing customer service evaluations. They don't care. All the descriptions they are reporting are exactly what I told them with the response from them that the problem was on my end.

So, if I change to ESET Smart Security 4 are all 3 Duets going to lose connectivity and I'll have a thousand plus dollars in shiny black doorstops?

I was going to buy my husband the Radio for Xmas. I am so glad I decided against it.

Thanks for any ESET Smart Security advice you can provide.